Sailing Gear

Sailing Gear



Sailing gear and nautical apparel has come a long way since the days of oil-skins and rubber coated outfits.  Although there remain remnants of these materials on the market, technological advancements in textiles has led to some great and innovative products.  Style has made some great improvements too with gear that is not only wind and waterproof, but also looks great on you at the movies or watching the game at a mates place.  No more buying foul weather gear that you use once or twice a year.

Another leap forward is the recognition that women also sail.

Leading brands like Henri Lloyd, Helly Hansen, Slam and Gill have a range of gear specifically styled and shaped for a women's frame.  This increases mobility and safety on-board.  Junior sailors too are benefitting from garments being designed with their size and needs in mind.  Sailing gear incorporating additional warmth, protection and durability.


There are many notable improvements to sailing gear in recent years

  • Breathable materials
  • Multi-layer fabrics
  • Moisture wicking
  • Highly flexible
  • Use of sustainable fibers like Bamboo
  • Incorporation of SOLAS safety reflection
  • Base and mid layers integrated with outer-shell
  • Quick dry fabrics
  • UV protection materials
  • Bacteria resistant fibers
  • Sealed zippers and seams
  • Cuff and collar closures

Each season the major brands continue innovating and finding new materials to incorporate into their gear as well as making improvements in functionality and style.


Now a great time to be buying sailing apparel.  Gear that is not only perfect for racing around the cans, cruising the Islands, floating about or down at your local drinking hole.  No longer do you need to wear denim jeans for wind protection out on the Bay.  A light weight pair of trousers from Henri Lloyd or Helly Hansen will provide superior wind protection, won't absorb sea spray, provide better movement and have additional abrasion resistance where needed.

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