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Magic Marine Merino Wool Neo Vest 1.5mm

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Magic Marine Merino Wool Neo Vest 1.5mm

The Magic Marine Merino Wool Neo Vest with 60% M-Flex 1.5 mm neoprene and a warm merino lining is ideal for wet, active boats in moderate weather conditions. Designed for maximum flexibility through panel layout and a contoured fit. The merino lining provides a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, where it conducts heat and maintains it even when wet. Being in the cold has never been this warm due to revolutionary, comfortable, antibacterial and odor resistant wool in your gear. In tests conducted by the British Textile Technology group, Merino lining proved to offer a 35% increase in thermal efficiency, in both dry and saturated conditions over the best, comparable synthetic linings.



  • Flatlock Stitching
  • Soft, comfortable merino wool lining
  • Slim fit
  • Water and wind protection from outer layer
  • Can be worn as a base layer or as part of a layering system


  • M-Flex 60%
  • Soft Merino Wool lining