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Junior and Dinghy Sailing Gear

Sailing gear has come a long way, moving away from the oil-skin foul weather gear to using some technically advanced materials incorporated into stylish designs.  These improvements have been incorporated into apparel for Yacht and Dinghy sailors both young and old. 

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Dinghy sailing too has developed into a broad participation spectrum, with hard-fought competitions as well as enjoying a relaxing day out.  Juniors, youth and other dinghy sailors haven’t been ignored when it comes to the design of clothing and the use of advanced textiles.  Brands like Slam, Ronstan, Gill, Henri Lloyd, Harken and Dubarry have invested in developing gear especially for dinghy sailors – both young and old.

New apparel incorporating thermal and UV protection are well suited for the sailor who is out sailing all day and often staying wet for much of it.  Additional wear resistant reinforcement, padding and muscle support are often designed into garments to keep sailors comfortable and able to perform at a high level all day.

Whitecaps Marine Outfitters have a comprehensive range of gear for Junior sailors and Dinghy sailors including foul weather jackets, smocks and pants, thermal layers and outers, wetsuits, dry-suits, boots, gloves, buoyancy and more.

Stay warm and perform at your best.  Whitecaps Marine Outfitters - Ship to shore, we’ve got you covered.

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Special prices on complete gear kits for Junior sailors.  Team and Sailing School discounts available - contact us for further information.