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Zhik ISOTAK Ocean and Offshore Sailing Gear

Zhik Isotak OCEAN

The Zhik Isotak® Ocean range was developed alongside the world's leading ocean sailors to guarantee performance in extreme conditions. Every material, construction process and feature in this range was selected to provide the toughest, lightest, most durable waterproof ocean kit available for the world’s best sailors. The range revolves around reduced bulk and weight, including only key features needed for extreme ocean racing. Every feature has been designed for maximum performance and comfort. A combination of the Qulock seam sealing system and a multi-layer composite membrane fabric provide an extremely rugged and durable waterproof seal. Isotak® Ocean is a multi-layer composite membrane fabric that has undergone Zhik's own internal tests to be more durable than other market leading ocean fabrics. Zhik is currently pursuing further quantitative tests via independent research institutions to verify by how much their fabric is more waterproof durable, however Zhik internal tests show it is at least four times. Isotak® Ocean has been used and abused in the most extreme ocean conditions to meet Zhik's highest material testing specifications for the toughest ocean conditions. Isotak® Ocean.

Zhik Isotak 2 OFFSHORE Gear

The new generation ISOTAK® 2 brings Zhik's latest development in highly durable and lightweight waterproof fabrics combined with innovative, highly functional and robust garment design. ISOTAK® 2 fabric features a proprietary multi-layer composite membrane construction originally developed for Isotak® Ocean combined with a lightweight yet highly durable high-tenacity nylon face. The result is an extremely lightweight and highly breathable fabrication with class leading levels of waterproof durability.